Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ellie: Oven Baked Onion Rings and Lobster Rolls

This week's CEiMB recipe for Oven Baked Onion Rings was chosen by Mary Ann of Meet Me in the Kitchen. Have you seen Mary Ann's blog? She makes the most beautiful, inventive food, and her photography is stunning. I knew she'd hook us up with a great CEiMB pick! I had really high hopes for this one - I love onion rings and was hoping for a healthier version that would allow for more frequent indulgences. And this recipe is it.

The onions here are coated with buttermilk, salt, pepper, and a baked potato chip crumb/cayenne mixture. The cayenne definitely packs some heat; I might cut it down next time so I could breathe when I eat these. But we really loved them. They are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside - just like you want onion rings to be. These would be perfect with burgers, or really sandwiches of any kind. Keeper! Thanks Mary Ann!

A couple of weeks ago, another one of my favorite bloggers, MacDuff from Lonely Sidecar, chose lobster rolls for the weekly CEiMB recipe. MacDuff's writing and storytelling skills are phenomenal, and I know that whenever I visit her blog I'll come away with much more than just a good recipe for lobster rolls. Not that that wouldn't be enough. Well, while the conscientious Ellie-ites were posting their lobster rolls a couple of weeks ago, I was making but not posting them. I kind of figured that that ship had sailed, but I just got back in town from my sister's baby shower, and I dumped a couple of hundred pictures onto the computer, and I thought "what am I going to do with those lobster roll pictures if I don't post them?" So here we go.

This is another simple Ellie recipe - thank you for adding some much-needed simplicity to our lives, Ellie. Instead of the usual mayonnaise-laden lobster (or shrimp, which I used) salad, this one is made mostly with Greek yogurt (along with a little bit of mayo, celery, green onions, lemon juice, salt and pepper). Fill up some toasted hot dog buns with the salad, and you're done!

I'm not the world's biggest fan of shrimp/lobster salad in general, but I really did like these. They make for a quick, fun, and easy summer lunch or dinner. And as luck would have it, they'd be great with some onion rings!

Thanks for the great picks, Mary Ann and MacDuff!


Nancy/n.o.e said...

I'm glad you posted both of these recipes. I've never made onion rings, although I've consumed one or two in my time. How unusual to hear someone say they would cut spice from an Ellie recipe!

Mary Ann said...

What a couple of yummy posts! I love the crumble, the pasta, the onion rings and the shrimp roll. It all looks amazingly fantastic.
We really, really enjoyed these onion rings too. I am so glad I finally got around to making them.
Thanks for the kind words. Yum!

Pamela said...

I have pictures of food on the computer, too. It inspires me to get posting when I see them pop up. We loved the onion rings. They were a bit on the spicy side, so I would cut back a little next time as well. Still have to try the lobster/shrimp roll, though. Looks good!

Jessica said...

These look delicious! I skipped the lobster rolls, but I made the onion rings. Both the roll and the rings look diner-style good.

Anonymous said...

Those onion rings sound good but I am the only one in my little family that likes them.
I have made that pasta salad before and it is wonderful! We are deeply in like with olives in our house (even Colin eats them - but not the pasta, of course). It was a big hit here.
And I totally understand the blog fatigue. I have mounds of photos of food for this blog idea I have that I can't seem to get off the ground....

nick said...

"allow for more frequent indulgences."

I couldn't be on the same page with you more, and how so do these deliver? I like the cayenne / tire iron to the mouth hotness in mine, but certainly tone it down if you like. Sara also adds an assortment of dried herbs to the mixture that puts a whole secondary flavor profile on these. Back to the point I've quoted above, I suppose we've made them so many times now we were bound to get it "just right."

I also like the lobster rolls (we had shrimp) but wasn't completely blown over by them. I think the sauce has great potential as a much lower fat substitution for tartar sauce or mayo in a chicken/tuna salad.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!

Natashya said...

Mmm, yummy street food made healthy, you can't ask for better than that!

Peggy said...

Wow Cathy. . so much information to take in at one time! Great job on all of them and I am so glad you decided to post them all together!!

Jen said...

These both look great! I'm always amazed at how much you are able to balance! You could be saving the world on Monday, but will still have time to make some french bread - from scratch on Tuesday! I love it! Thanks for keeping me entertained!

Audrey said...

and, oh yeah, yum.

I always love your Thursday double-headers...and this quadruple-header is making me sigh. Not to mention hungry.

How was Connecticut? DId you fall back in love with Stop and Shop? :)

Tracey said...

This is pretty much the perfect meal in my eyes! I love onion rings and lobster! I rarely make onion rings because I hate frying at home but this baked option sounds so good and yours look awesome!

Anonymous said...

I really like onion rings but restrain myself from eating them, I like that a healthier version works. They look great!

The Food Librarian said...

How yummy are both of these!? I know you made the separately, but I would love them together!

Anne Lossing said...

Of course! Lobster Rolls and Onion Rings are perfect together! I haven't had the time to do the Lobster Rolls yet (mine will probably be Tuna Rolls because lobster is rarer than rare here in the jungle, but I brought back some cans of good tuna from Canada) and I loved the Onion Rings and want to do them again ... so I will do the two things together! Great post!!

Marthe said...

Loved the onion rings, although they were a bit spicy. Next time I'll probably also cut back on the cayenne and maybe add some garlic powder.

pigpigscorner said...

The onion rings look so good! I've yet to try buttermilk coating!

Leslie said...

Those onion rings are dead ringers for the fat laden real deal. I sat this one out but I've been kicking myself since everyone is raving about them! That shrimp roll looks delicious, too! I have so many photos from things I never posted about that I could probably have a whole month of reruns.

Kayte said...

Thanks for the tip on the heat level of the onion rings...not big into heat here, so will go a more gentle route with those. Plan on making those for Matt's bd party in added item from the cancelled one in July, as these look very inspiring. Lobster/shrimp rolls...doesn't that just scream Maine to you? It does to me...need to go back there soon...used to go every year and eat this in little roadway stands...thanks for bringing back the memories. Great posts, so happy you chose to do them.

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