Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TWD: Fresh Mango Bread

Kelly of Baking with the Boys chose this week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, Fresh Mango Bread. Kelly makes me laugh every Tuesday; ergo, I make a beeline to her blog every Tuesday. I knew from Kelly's blog posts that she would not pick anything with nuts; and I figured that something with chocolate was a good possibility, since Kelly really seems to love her chocolate. Mango Bread was definitely the dark horse -- anyone who had money on "Kelly for Mango Bread" did well.

Dorie says that mango breads are popular in the South. But I've gotta say -- I live in Alabama, a pretty Southern place, and I've seen mango bread around here about as often as I've seen bumper stickers on pickups. But I am not from the South, so I didn't want to trust myself on this point. I polled some of my authentic Southern friends, people who were born and raised in such very Southern places as Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. My question: "Did you grow up eating mango bread? Dorie says it's Southern." I got responses such as these:

"Mangoes are not a Southern food. I don't even like them, so they can't be a Southern food."
"Never heard of it. But if you deep fry it, you can Southern it up a little."
"Mango bread? That's a Yankee bread."
"Maybe she means WAY Southern. Like the Caribbean."
"I hear that mango bread is very popular in Southern St. Barts."

Well, Southern or not, the mango bread sounded great to me. It is a spice bread full of ginger, cinnamon, and lime zest, sweetened with both brown and white sugar, and studded with fresh mangoes and golden raisins. I started dabbling in yeast bread baking recently, and one thing about baking with yeast is that it makes quick breads like this one seem even quicker. This came together in a flash. Mix together the dry ingredients, add an egg/oil mixture, and then stir in the mango, raisins and zest.

Mmmmmmm, mango bread batter.

The only thing noteworthy about the batter mixing is that I needed two mangoes to get the two cups needed for the recipe (Dorie says that you'll get two cups from one large mango). I guess I just haven't bought enough mangoes in my life to know if mine were small, medium or large. Apparently they were not large enough to yield two cups diced.

This bread bakes for a LONG time -- one and a half hours. That sounded long to me, but seeing as I'm riding a streak of underdone baked goodies, I wasn't about the question Dorie on the baking time. I did have to tent the bread with foil about 35 minutes in to keep it from getting too brown on top.

This was delicious! I served it to David with ice cream when it was still a little warm. The bread is so dense that it's almost cakelike, so the cakelike presentation worked well (I did not garnish David's with mint; that was for artistic purposes only). I didn't serve myself the same mango bread/ice cream dessert; instead, I just cut myself an impossibly small sliver of it every time I walked by it, and since it was in the kitchen, where I lived last weekend, that meant that I ate approximately half of the loaf. I shared what was left with David's parents, who really seemed to enjoy it too.

Another winner from Dorie! Kelly, thanks for the pick -- we loved it here in the South!


Karen said...

Looks delicious! Can't wait to try it!

The Food Librarian said...

Just delicious! "Southern" is so relative... :)

Elyse said...

I'm from Atlanta, and I can tell you that I've never heard of mangoes as a southern food. Oh well, my opinion doesn't really count for much though...I love mangoes, and I'm super happy to see them in a bread...southern or not. Your bread looks delicious, and the idea of having it warm with ice cream is totally floating my boat right now. Fabulous job!

Megan said...

Yeah, mangos and the south don't really gel, but who are we to say?

Anyways, it looks delicious and it's too bad I ate all the mango instead of baking with it!

Mary Ann said...

I love your "only for decorative purposes" mint garnish. very pretty.
I can't say I have ever seen anything like this in the South either, but maybe it is the fact that you can make quickbread from anything? I've made a recipe for green tomato bread, that was a spiced bread like this and it was "southern".
Cathy, you always make me laugh.
In about a week, we are going to be state neighbors!!!

Charli said...

Beautiful presentation! I'm a big fan of mint garnishes!

Also, I'm from Texas and had never heard of mango bread either, but just assumed it was because I spent my high school and college years up north. I am glad to know I'm not alone in my previous exclusion from the southern mango bread club!

Cristine said...

So glad you loved it! I bet it was great with ice cream!

Marthe said...

I really liked this too!! Nice and moist, although mine was a tad sweet due to a small mix-up while halving the recipe....

Natashya said...

Looks delicious! I wouldn't have thought of mangoes as Southern food either.
I do have trouble sometimes with quickloaves, I find that making minis is much easier and more reliable as far as making sure the middle is done.

suku said...

Looks really delicious!

Audrey said...

Oh, come on, y'all. I know that every plate that you serve is attractively garnished with a sprig of something fresh and green. Probably even the Lunchables! I, on the other hand, usually follow your alternate, sliver style of presentation, which is equally good!

It's really interesting to see how
different everyone's mango bread looks. This reminded me of carrot cake (maybe because of raisins and nuts and spices?) but I really liked it.

Barbara Bakes said...

Looks delicious! I'm a sliver eater too! Not many calories in just a sliver - right!

thenotsoskinnykitchen said...

I'm laughing at the entire section about this being a Southern bread. The responses you got from your friends are awesome. Living in the metro Atlanta area (though not originally from the South either), I don't think it's Southern, but it still looks yummy :)

Pamela said...

The bread looks great, Cathy. I was pretty nervous about the long baking time and sure I would have a dry, brick of mango bread. Thankfully, it all worked out in the end.

dharmagirl said...

I never heard of mango bread when I also lived in Alobama (love the bumper sticker, btw:) Yours looks delicious!

Steph said...

Tiny slivers always end up adding up to way bigger pieces! I'm glad you enjoyed this.

Jessica said...

I think maybe Dorie means a south Florida food because that's the only place in the southern US where I've ever heard of mangoes or mango bread before.
I'm so glad that this was a big hit in your house. My bread has been in the oven for about 45 min so, per your post, I'm now going to run downstairs and tent it with some foil because I'm pretty sure it's brown!

Peggy said...

I wonder why it only took mine one hour to bake? And it was perfectly done. I grew up in Alabama and I have never had mango bread. Banana nutbread was the staple in my house growing up. I doubt my dear sweet mom ever bought a single mango in her life. But I love them!! Your photo is great Cathy.

MacDuff said...

Yeah, if it's not on the menu at The Waffle House, it's not Southern.

Love this, though. Nice job with it. Maybe try it with some Nutella to make it Horribly Stuck Up Eurotrash Bread.

Teanna said...

Wait! You mean people in the Alabama weren't going crazy for Obama?! Hahahaha!

The mango bread looks AWESOME and I LOVED this one, too!!! It was SO good with ice cream!!!

Maria said...

You are a bread master:) The bread looks perfect!

Anne said...

I love the suggestions about making it Southern style. Too funny. I'm glad you husband liked it (and it looks awesome with ice cream)- I was eager to give mine something not chocolate for a change!

myfamousrecipe said...

Your idea of serving this with ice cream sounds great. I keep thinking of slathering a little vanilla cream cheese frosting on top of mine....

Erin said...

Maybe Florida? Or the Caribbean? Your bread looks great!

pinkstripes said...

I read something about mangoes a month or two ago or maybe someone told me--but mangoes are the most grown fruit in the world (not in quantity, but in the number of places/countries). I have not fact checked it though. However, I'm not even remotely southern but I've never heard of mangoes growing in the south. Even in CA we get our mangoes from Mexico.

Your mango bread looks great. I'm glad everyone liked it.

vibi said...

AH! Man... this is better than all the prozac, valium, heroïn, anyone could get! LOL I love the Southern frying bit! You crack me up! Soooo good for my spleen! LOL

Despite the fact that I hate mangoes (but loved the bread) I would surely re-experience a slice of it with your oh! so fancy mint-spring-ice cream- mango bread! Unfried please.

Madam Chow said...

Well, I grew up in Virginia, and I never heard of it either. I agree with your friends - the "south" as in "Jamaica." Oh, and I do the same thing - just a little sliver of cake every time I walk by. My mom would refer to such a cake as a "sliver cake." That is why after a few slivers, I stuffed it in the freezer to preserve what is left of my thighs.

Mermaid Sweets said...

Such a funny post, I didn't think it was Southern either - but what do I know, I am just a cali girl, who loves mangos.

Tracey said...

I never would have thought mango bread was a Southern thing either but maybe Dorie knows something we don't! Your bread looks fantastic. Love the ice cream and the pretty garnish!

Jennifer said...

Hmm.. mango bread WITH ice cream? That sounds delicious. Of course, everything is better with ice cream!

Katrina said...

Youd anadama bread AND mango bread/ice cream delight looks great. Love your writings, too.

Flourchild said...

Lovely bread, you did such a nice job! I think that ice cream really gave it a great punch!

spike. said...

yep, I'm guessing this is south of the south bread. But this yankee liked it too!

Melissa said...

Wow, it sounds great with ice cream - I didn't even think of that. I know what I'm doing with it tonight for dessert! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Banjo said...

Looks awesome, and I am wishing I had served ice cream with mine!

AmyRuth said...

Cathy, I guess for someone (not naming names here) in NYC crossing the street could be down south, right? he he JK Way to do the research there. I am so relieved because I didn't know it was a southern thing either. Your mint hat makes for an oooh sooo stylish photo. Great job.

Kayte said...

I have never once thought to serve something like this with ice cream, which shows what a thoughtless wife and mother I can be at times because the guys really like things served with ice cream. Love the color on your bread, and my oh my does it look good with ice cream hanging all over it. Loved the mango survey...LOL.

Jill said...

I noticed that mint right away and thought wow, does she really garnish her family's desserts like that?

Pam said...

Can I be your neighbor and will you bake for me? Please? This bread looks perfect - I would love a warm slice slathered with butter please.

karen said...

i loved this bread. didn't think about adding ice cream on the side... that's a good (and bad :P) idea!

Katherine Aucoin said...

New Orleans is pretty far South and in Southeast Louisiana, we eat so pretty outlandish things like crawfish and alligator...mango, not in the mix. The Carribbean was probably the right answer, I think mangoes are more tropical than Southern.

Your bread looks fantastic Cathy. I defnitely would like the combination of flavors!

Lady Baker said...

well...perhaps all the Dorie bakers from the South will start the trend and it will finally take off as a "Southern" treat?!

Yours looks fabulous..much more symmetrical than mine did!

I think mine went the same way yours did...a piece here, a nibble there...then before I know it half of it was gone!

:) Lisa

chocolatechic said...

I have never heard of mango bread before either.

Yours looks fabulous.

Leslie said...

I grew up in Miami, where every yard has a mango tree, and I've never heard of mango bread. I think your poll was correct, this must be southern as in Caribbean. But it was delicious, wasn't it? I don't like wet fruits in baked goods, so I didn't expect to like it any more than I would a bread with cooked cantalope, but I did.

Bridgett said...

I love how you took the poll! That made me laugh with those great responses. The bread looks like it turned out perfectly and I am glad to hear you all enjoyed it.

Di said...

I don't know if Texas is really considered "Southern," but I haven't seen mango bread in the 10 years I've been here, either. =) Sounds like it was a hit, though. I cheated and made muffins, so I didn't have to wait nearly so long for them to bake. On the down side, someone would probably notice if I tried to eat a sliver or two off a muffin... =)

Gabe's Girl said...

I love your posts so much. They make me laugh. I am from Texas so I just thought we were not deep south enough to have heard of this magnificent bread!

Good seeing you again.

The Blonde Duck said...

She must be talking about South America or something. Texans barely know what a mango is.

But this does look tasty...

Elra said...

Good Grace Cathy, This sounds so good. I never made bread with mango before, sure is intriguing. Yum!

Debinhawaii said...

Love the poll! Come to Hawaii--we have plenty mangoes and mango bread here! ;-) Dorie must get some giant mangos--as many as I have eaten, I have never gotten 2 cups from one mango. Hmm... Your bread looks amazing--now I am craving some!

Clivia said...

I love seeing it with that scoop of ice cream. I wish I had a piece left.

Cakelaw said...

It looks great Cathy! I think you should have treated yourself to a slice with icecream. I have never heard of mango bread before, but what do I know - I'm an Aussie.

lasinthekitchen said...

Your bread looks really yummy and so does the ice cream! =) I had a few chuckles reading the responses you received from your Southern friends!

Liz said...

I think our breads are twins! Mine had a muffin top and had to be tented in, too. Glad you liked it, even if it's not quite so southern...

Alwayzbakin said...

Looks beautiful!! You did an awesome job.

Aggie said...

Ok...I love that you polled everyone southern...lol.
I'm intrigued by this bread! Looks great!

PS...love that bumper sticker! ;)

Jacque said...

Aaaw, I'll bet it wasn't a half of the loaf, LOL. It sure looks good enough to eat half a loaf.... maybe toasted with some butter...

Nice work!

Jacque said...

Oh, and P.S. I'm hooked on perezhilton.com, but have just started reading thesuperficial.com. Both funny in very different ways.

applecrumbles said...

I REALLY have to try this recipe. All of you have made it look and sound delicious. Love mangos and raisins. My kind of bread.

bakingwiththeboys said...

I loved your "survey." IF it was southern, maybe I would consider moving. I nibbled mine the same way which prompted the lighter version. Thanks for baking along with me this week - and thanks for the nice comments about my blog. I guess my earlier posts didn't really point to mango bread as an obvious choice.

Jess said...

Your bread looks gorgeous - especially with the fresh mint! I managed to kill my mint plant over the winter, somehow, so I am jealous.

Pam said...


I just wanted to let you know that you won the Pay it Forward giveaway on my site. E-mail me with your mailing address so I can send you some goodies. Congratulations!

Barbara said...

I love sweet breads and think Maida Heatter's cookbooks have a great selection- but she doesn't have mango bread. I adore mango and will try it this weekend.

natalia said...

Dear Cathy, your mango bread/cake looks nice in the elegant dress but also as it was out of the oven. I assure you mango bread it's not from the South of Italy (nor north or center !) but it's very good !!

Elra said...

Mango bread sounds tropically delicious Cathy!

Engineer Baker said...

Love the poll answers - just deep fry it! Gorgeous bread!

TeaLady said...

I am Louisiana born and 'bread' and I had never heard of it until Dorie. Bet it would be like fried Twinkies. Freeze. Batter. Fry. Yup!!! Southern.

And your loaf looks great.

Photographer Sydney said...

i did have a good time browsing you blog and of course reading those comments..

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