Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TWD: Caramel Crunch Bars

There is a guy in my office I've worked with on several occasions over the years. He is not in my practice group, but our areas overlap every once in a while. Let's call him W. W kind of has a quirky eccentric professor quality about him, and whenever I have a conversation with him, I walk away amused in a "what WAS that?" kind of way. I'll never forget the first time we worked together on a matter, and he started corresponding with me in haiku:

Will they assume lease?
Until we know the status
We will have no peace

Bonus points for working an actual rhyme into that haiku, W. Given that most of my colleagues communicate with me in prose, I wasn't quite sure what to do with this -- but I finally decided that if someone asks you a question in haiku, you should answer in haiku. And so I responded:

They have sixty days
We can't make them go faster
I'll find peace somehow

And so it went. But what started as a couple of nerds just having a good time turned out to be a surprisingly efficient way to communicate. When you have to express your thoughts in a mere 17 syllables, and in a 5/7/5 pattern at that, you really need to think about what you want to say and choose your words carefully. W and I ended up getting a good result in this matter while conducting at least 50% of our communications in haiku. So I know that it IS possible to get the job done without wasting lots of words.

But you'd never know that from my blog posts, which tend to go on and on (and on). That's consistent with most of my communications; it's pretty much the same thing if I leave you a voice mail message, send you an email, or run into you at the grocery store. Facebook routinely tells me that I've run out of characters when I try to update my status -- that's just plain embarassing. But I can't help it; I have a lot of not-interesting things to say in non-succinct ways. But I swore to myself that this week I WILL keep my TWD post short (er, minus this extra long intro), and the only way I can reliably do that is by forcing myself to stay within the rigid confines of the 5/7/5 haiku form. Plus, Sabrina has already shown us that haiku is an acceptable literary form to use in a food blog, so the ground has been broken. So without further delay . . .

Buy one get one free
Way too much milk chocolate
Used lots of it here

Cover KitchenAid
Don't say we didn't warn you
If you get powdered

Here is the batter
I think that it was yummy
But it's been awhile

Spread batter in pan
Will this be like a cookie?
Or more like brownie?

Bars skinny like Posh
Need a little fattening
Chocolate and heath

Now that's more like it
I just made my own Heath bar!
I think I'll dig in

Name says "caramel"
No caramel making, though
Breathed sigh of relief

Crunch bars delicious!
Must get them out of house quick
Too many baked goods

Tried to wrap pretty
To say "We love you, teachers!"
Picture really bad

Another great treat
Dorie has done it again!
I love TWD!

For recipe go
To What's Left on the table?
Big thank you, Whitney!


The TriniGourmet said...

hahaha love the haiku format :) it is quite effective! Those were some lucky teachers :)

n.o.e said...

haiku narrative,
close up detailed photographs-
Blog now quite arty.


Elyse said...

I love communicating in Haikus! I'm quite impressed with your will power and creativity! By the way, your bars look delicious!

Anonymous said...

Crunch Bars are heaven
With ice cream even better
Ate more than seven.

(Do you count with your fingers when you write Haiku? I do)

I loved these bars. It's wonderful that you made these for gifts.

Cakelaw said...

LOL - I love this post! Maybe we should all try to use haiku - it is a remarkably efficient way of communicating a point.

natalia said...

Great !! I love the poetry and I'm with you about giving them away as fast as I could !

Matt's Kitchen said...

Don't be succinct. I
love your verbosity so
let many words flow.

Audrey said...

nuts! should read Dorie
non caramel caramel
just feels much safer!

Heather Lee said...

I know who this mystery partner is, and we had an interesting conversation about a similar topic just yesterday! I love when you talk about people at work!!

Cathy said...

Thank you for comments
Love them all, and haiku ones
Make me laugh and laugh

P.S. Heather, I knew you'd know!

Peggy said...

Cathy I'm sure I know who you are talking about also and he is one of my favorite people to talk with. You never know what will come out of his mouth and it usually isn't about the subject at hand. Your bars look fabulous.

Jessica said...

No long note for you
Cookies sound great in haiku
Lucky teachers too!

Steph said...

HAHA.. Cathy, you're too funny. Loved the haikuized post!

Di said...

Great job, Cathy, on both the bars and the haiku post. =) I really liked the way the dough tasted, too. Most of mine are destined for teachers as well (at the day care). Unfortunately I don't have any cute bags, though.

Nancy said...

I'll keep my post short as well...

Jules Someone said...

Excellent posting
Your cookies look delicious
I could eat them up

Amanda said...

These look perfect, nice job! Mine were a bit crisp, but still tasty :)

Maria said...

Cute packages!! You are so nice to share:) The bars look very tasty...and yes, dangerous!!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I've come away from your post really amused - how funny with the haiku! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw you covered the Kitchenaid - I have been powdered before. Your bars look amazing! I love caramel.

dharmagirl said...

poetry and bars
delicious combination
demands much talent:)

vibi said...

Okay! I enjoy peotry very much... but hey! what about those amazing bars!? LOL

Weren't they great!?

Very well done, Cathy!

Teanna said...

That must have taken
Quite a lot of patience(es)
I love your blog lots.

(OK I really wanted to say "I Freaking love your blog" but it was one too many syllables.)

farah said...

Haha, love your blog! These look great and i'm glad you liked them :)

Melissa said...

Ha! I love it! And trust me, you have plenty of interesting things to say. As I was reading your intro about your colleague, I was thinking, "how does she always have great stories to tell? My life is so boring." So keep up the great stories, they're very enjoyed!

Jamie said...

You always crack me up! Great looking bars!

MacDuff said...

Oh come on, I love your long posts! They always make me feel like I'm not the only one tearing my hair out at any particular moment (hello caramel)...

Megan said...

I often wonder how long it takes you to write a TWD post.

You lost me at haiku - I didn't know (or can't remember) that it was 5/7/5. Thanks for reminding me.

The Blonde Duck said...

Ode to Cathy and How I Love Thee

Cathy, I really must say,
I love your blog,
the tasty treats,
It makes me giggle all day.

I can't write a haiku,
I am blond after all,
But I can write an ode,
about how I love thee.
Hoepfully, that will do.

Cathy said...

Duckie, an ODE? I am speechless!

Oh, and pinkstripes -- I forgot to say earlier that I DO count on my fingers when I write in haiku! I don't know how else to do it!

Jess said...

I may start haiku-ing in my head as I go through my daily business...it does seem like an efficient way of communication!

Beautiful crunch bars
The teachers were so lucky
Homemade toffee, wow

chocolatechic said...

I love your haiku's

Jennifer said...

All the commentors
before me said it best, yum
good writing, nice pics

Flourchild said...

I think your wrapped bars look wonderful. Im sure the teachers loved them. Nice job!

Robin said...

bars look amazing!
I love your verbosity,
talent and humor.

Seriously, is there any other way to write haiku BUT to count on your fingers? It gives me a headache to try digit-less haiku.

Natashya said...

Crunch bars are yummy
As are your poems and posts.
I am happy now.

Madam Chow said...

My dear, you and W are far, far to creative to be languishing in law firms!

Karen said...

And again I say
Hilarious blogger friend
You have made me smile

Danielle said...

Love the haiku! I have a few people I work with like your W I always walk away from talking to them scratching my head.
Your cookies look great good job!

Anonymous said...

What a great relief
no boiling sugar this week
my sauecepans rejoice

Pamela said...

I know this isn't as creative as everyone else, but I don't really do haikus. Guess I have to brush up on them. Here's a little poem instead.

Your bars looked great
Wrapped pretty like that
Wearing little red bows
As if they were hats.

The teachers must've loved you
As I know I do
Quite simply, YOU ROCK, Cathy!
And your blog does, too!

Keep smiling and have a great day!

Heather said...

hah! i love that you and your coworker communicate in haiku. i'm gonna start trying it.

and these bars sound so, so, so delicious. this might be my favorite TWD recipe so far...

Pam said...

I always leave here laughing and drooling. These bars looks so amazing and addictive. YUM.

karen said...

hhaha, love the haikus. both in your post and in the comments. i laughed out loud at "picture really bad"... not what i expected to read at the end of that one! :) but of course i didn't think the picture was really bad.

Kayte said...

Very fun post, as usual. The bars look really great...and the little packages are wonderful. Great job.

TeaLady said...

Can bake and write haiku. I AM impressed. Great looking bars.

Karyl said...

I just love your blog.
Recipes are a bonus.
Keep up the great work!

Sara said...

Nicely done here - crunch bars and haikus. what a cute gift for your kids teachers!

Mary Ann said...

Haiku brings back memories of 5th grade. I love it.
Great pics and words to describe.
I love coming over here.

AmyRuth said...

all bakers follow
haikus for dear professors
no fingers are left

he he the cobwebs in my brain are really thick
you have provoked many a brain cell with this little English class/baking challenge. How did we fare, oh teacher, oh teacher?

Thanks for the fun always, Cathy.

Anne said...

You're a crack up Cathy. I love the haikus and those treat bags look adorable!

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

Creative in more ways than one -- from baking to poetry. Nice job. The recipients of the treats will love you!

Kimberly said...

love those pictures, girl!
my husband likes haiku, too

LyB said...

Wow, I really have to start writing Haikus! You certainly have a way with words, this was a great post. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your posts! Great pictures.

kim said...

wow, that was an impressive haiku-filled post :) great job! the bars look delicious!

Jennifer said...

You are a born writer and entertainer!!! I always look forward to your posts!

Beautiful job on the bars!!!!

Spike said...

caramel coffee
chocolate toffee cookies
all thanks to Dorie

yum, those look good

Katrina said...

I'm too tired to think of a comment back in haiku, but thanks for the great read and smile. Love it. Loved these. Yep, get them out of the house! ;)

Gabe's Girl said...

Lovely post! I just love your writing. I also love how you packaged your awesome treats! Really well done! I love haikus!

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

Very clever post
Your bars look just heavenly
I'm very impressed!

The Food Librarian said...

Oh my. I'm not good enough at counting to write you back in haiku. You are awesome!! This was my favorite post ever!

Leslie said...

Hello delicious
Love me some caramel bars
A sweet salty treat.

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